A review on ‘Once Upon a Time’s’ episode 20 of Season 6 ‘The Song in Your Heart’

This episode maintained its usual essence of genres such as, adventure, fantasy and romance. However, what singles it out from the rest is the addition of music. The plot of the episode is how Snow white had made a wish back when she was living in her kingdom. Snow had wished that she had what she needed to help her daughter, a chance at a happy ending. Back to present time in Storybrooke, Snows daughter, Emma prepares for her wedding to Hook, but the final battle is on the horizon. This episode was extremely fast paced, it almost felt as though I were watching a film as oppose to a T.V programme, possibly due to the high production value. The addition of music was a major positive as it put across a new form of storytelling within the series. This is something that I would hope to see again. Although music was incorporated, this episode maintained its serious themes and forwarded the plot, not losing any of the quality you would expect as seen in previous episodes. If there was an individual that had not seen the previous episodes, I feel they would have had an enjoyable experience and it may have lead to them wanting to go back to the beginning and experience everything from the start.